Disclaimer: the below is a thought experiment describing how I think about innovation and product development, and I don’t actually know anything about the EV space. It’s all for fun. But maybe someone should do this.

Product as an ecosystem

When mapping our business landscape, I like to focus on…

In my MBA program, we were taught two ends of business:

  1. Being an effective operator of business machinery that isalready in motion by having some decent mental model of how a business works
  2. Putting somewhat credible frameworks around an exciting new product/service/venture/whatever, with things like *finance* and *cap tables* by…

Me: So here we see our sourcing model for Q1 ’21 shows a 17%…

Child: Daaaaaad! Daaaaaad! Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!

CEO: … and that’s how we’ll execute. Leadership, thoughts?

Me: …, …. … … . … … …, …. … .

CEO: You’re muted.

HR consultant, company-wide Zoom meeting: … and the…

X: I don’t want that.

Y: But let me list the features…

X: No.

Y: More features?

“No” might be the most valuable answer you ever get. It saves you from waste, from false hope, from self-inflicted wounds. The first rule in business is “don’t die”. …

We used to overhear spontaneous conversations, loop each other in, and have ad hoc engagements that led to creative leaps. We can’t do that over Zoom.

I haven’t talked to anyone in marketing in months. I feel disconnected; I don’t know what’s going on over there.

We just aren’t collaborating…


Engineer, MBA, in tech. Analyzer of things, designer of stuff, constantly searching for insights to share. Frequently lost in thought.

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